# Moving from Jekyll to VuePress

When I started my blog the shortest route to achieving that was Github Pages (opens new window) and that had to be a Jekyll (opens new window) site.

Well that was 2016 and at some point I got sick of syncing Gemfiles just to add content. I wasn't doing any Ruby development and there was no future need for it on my resume.

When I found out that any static site content could be served via github pages I started some research and landed on VuePress (opens new window) for now.

It keeps me in the javascript tooling landscape I'm curating in my career and it caters better with colourising code snippets for technical content.

It also allows for custom components, which will be handy as I want to get deeper into D3 and blogging about Data Vis projects.

Not saying I'm going to stick with this for ever, but my content is all Markdown files, so whatever is going to be least cost between those and publishing a static site will make me happy.

# How?

  1. Delete everything except _posts/, images
  2. Move _posts to blog/posts according to the directory guide (opens new window)
  3. Move images to blog/.vuepress/public/images
  4. npm install --dev vuepress
  5. npm run dev
  6. Create the following file blog/.vuepress/config.js and follow the instructions at VuePress Config (opens new window)
  7. This gives you a title link back to the site home page
  8. remove all layout: ... entries from the markdown frontmatter as the jekyll frontmatter will conflict
  9. vuepress eject to eject the default style into blog/.vuepress so we can start tweaking details
  10. npm run build
  11. Follow Snipcarts tutorial (opens new window)
  12. Circle back to configuring the default theme (opens new window).
Last Updated: 11/14/2018, 3:50:13 PM