# Scaling: Lessons about Startup Growth

After presenting my talk on scaling in 2017 I was invited to give the same presentation at the Hunter Business Chamber's monthly business development breakfast series for March 2018.

Hunter Business Chamber Development Forum - March

# Slide Deck

You can tab through the slides in your own time. I have revised them from the originals presented on the night to better accommodate tabbing through in your own time.

There are 118 slides and the talk ran for 30 minutes. It's pretty fast paced and my favourite style of presentation. Any comments or feedback please get in touch with me via LinkedIn

# Homework

If you haven't read The Lean Startup by Eric Ries, I highly recommend it as it also captures some of these ideas and lessons.

The Lean Startup on Audible

Follow the link above if you would like to get the audiobook version from Audible. Your first book is free. I also receive no commission or profit if you follow the link, I just liked the book that much.

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